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Teyana Taylor Pays Homage to Ballroom Culture in New Music Video "WTP"

Teyana Taylor has once again snatched every single hair follicle from the depths of our edges! Her new self-directed music video “WTP” (Work This Pussy) dropped yesterday, Jan. 23, and it not only proves that Teyana is one of the “girls”, but her video also makes it clear that she serves as an ally to the LGBT community and respects the influence that ballroom/vogue culture has had on the entertainment and fashion industry.

WTP does a phenomenal job with highlighting prominent figures within the ballroom scene who have influenced ballroom’s success in mainstream media, all the while telling a quirky story influenced by the movie “Cinderella”.

It was thoroughly exciting to see the face of Deshaun Lanvin, Trace Lysette, Milan Christopher, and Tokyo Stylez during the video’s opening segment. Each of them began their rise to stardom in the ballroom scene and ultimately helped the culture receive national recognition and mainstream success. It’s arguably accurate to say that without ballroom, these iconic individuals would not be who they are today.

In the video, Teyana plays an aspiring voguer who wants to “work her pussy” at the ball, but is hindered from attending by her 3 cruel sisters in her house, one of which is played by an Atlanta makeup artist, Japan aka Japanese Faces. Thankfully, her “Fairy Cunt Motha” whips out her magical charm and aids Teyana in her quest to vogue at the ball.

Teyana’s seductive costumes trail-blazed the other divas in each scene. From strutting down the walkway to duck-walking profusely on the dance floor, Teyana gave no bitch room to doubt her vogueing abilities. After all, she is known for giving a quick hand performance or dip in her concerts.

It is certainly heart warming to witness vogue culture being celebrated on this level. Critics within the community are overjoyed with the positive representation and recognition that Teyana chose to share on her platform. Check out the video below.


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