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The Best Fragrances For Fall 2019


Awaken your senses and upgrade your vanity for Instagram by taking your beauty game to the next level with some of the sexiest and decadent scents for the fall/winter season! Here are a few of our favorite picks for fall fragrances.

1) Idole by Lancome


This beautiful fragrance is perfect for the fall-winter months. Its’ not too heavy or woodsy, but light weight with a blend of citrus, jasmine, vanilla, and musk. Some may make you smell like an old lady musk but Idole has a very youthful, light and playful not too heavy scent which will linger through the room and make everyone feel like they're floating on a breeze through the crisp winter fall air. This is perfect for strolling the town with your bae!

2) Beautiful Belle Love by Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder

Sheer, elegant and luxurious, With notes of rose, vanilla, amber, and orange blossom honey this fragrance clearly speaks for itself. Think of receiving a bouquet of flowers in the fall winter months. While snuggling with your bae drinking hot coco with marshmallows under the fire

The reason Beautiful Belle Love topped our list isn't just because it's one of the best sellers, but mainly because of its ingredients.

The fragrance includes Turkish rose, which is great for fighting anti-aging and can be found in some of your favorite skincare products to help lock in moisture. Turkish rose has been shown to be an effective antioxidant and it also reduces stress on the body. At the end of the day, when you smell good you look good.

3) Libre by Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent

Libre is a warm floral with lavender, musk, and orange blossom. This will make a great fragrance bottle for your vanity or dressing table. Gender fluidity is all over the world. When it comes to fragrance designers like Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Balenciaga, just to name a few , they have came up with fragrances and products that are gender-neutral. This fragrance is definitely meets that criteria, not too masculine, not too feminine, but done tastefully right.

4) Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Getty Images

This fragrance will help with a stimulate a warm, intense and passionate night of Netflix & chill after a date night. This luxurious and sensual fragrance of rich, dark accords and a fascinating potion of black orchids and spices is perfect for the fall-winter nights. Tom Ford Black Orchid is a great fragrance choice for anyone who is in the midst of seduction. Guys, if you want to own the room when you walk into it, then this unforgettable scent will have people remembering your name.


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