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The Difference Between Megan Rapinoe Admitting to Using CBD Oil for Training & Sha'Carri Richardson

photsource: revolt TV

Sha’Carri Richards trended on Twitter shortly after an article by Forbes was published about Megan Rapinoe incorporating CBD products into her training for the Olympics. Many fans of Richards were quick to point out how differently the athlete was treated when she tested positive for marijuana use earlier this month.

Richardson tested positive for marijuana back in June, her suspension taking place on the 28th, which gave her time to qualify for the 4x100 that took place later in the game. Though the positive test immediately invalidated her result for the 100-meter race in the U.S track and field race trials in Oregon the previous month. She was officially left off the Olympic team for the Olympics later this year, despite her previous success on the track.

photocredit: Yahoo

The article stated how “in the first time in the Olympics 125-year history, elite athletes are being open about their use of cannabis products to prepare them for the biggest stage in sports. Leading the charge is Olympic gold medalist and U.s Soccer Woman’s national Team star Megan Rapinoe, who incorporates CBD into her training routine using products from a company founded by her sister Rachel Rapinoe and Brett Schwager.”

This article came out only 20 days after news broke of Richards suspension.

Many on Twitter were quick to point out the unfair treatment between the two, citing the blatant racism that favored Rapinoe for admitting her use when Richards was suspended for a month over her test results.

It is worthy to note that while both CBD oil and marijuana come from the same cannabis plant, marijuana is derived from the leaves, while the CBD oil is derived from the seeds, which gives it a lower HTC potency and has more of the medical properties that the plant is used for. However, the blatant preferential treatment of Rapinoe in the article is what has people heated.

For instance, none of the athletes previous victories have been invalidated but the CBD admittance, but Richardsons victory was immediately called into question, despite marijuana not exactly being a performance enhancing drug. Also, while the distinction between marijuana and the CBD products are what is vital to the distinction between both cases, the Forbes article is titled "Cannabis takes center stage at the Tokyo Olympics.", cannibas being the exact thing that Richardson was disqualified for.

While Richardson didn't comment on the situation, on the day the Forbes article came out, she like a tweet that said:

which may or may not have been about the article and the situation.


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