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The First Gay Male Couple Fashion Doll Wedding Gift Set is Released

Integrity Toys

Bye-bye Barbie & Ken, hello Cabot Clark & Milo Montez. Integrity Toys, the company that created the Rupaul doll, debuted a two doll gift set: Love is Love. This fabulous wedding gift set contains two 12.5 inch male dolls each wearing different tuxedos complete with wedding bands & a miniature invitation. Integrity Toys has always been about inclusiveness & diversity, this is their first ever gay male couple fashion doll gift set.

Integrity Toys

What would be even more unique is if Integrity Toys came up with a African American same sex couple fashion doll or even a female same sex couple set. In order to be the change we want to see, we have to promote inclusiveness & diversity since half of their key consumer audience is LGBTQ. These dolls also show to children that it doesn't matter who you love, what color ethnicity, sexual preference, or gender you identify as, hence the name Love Is Love.

The doll gift set is available for purchase now on their website. Will you be buying?

Integrity Toys


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