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The Gayes React to Nicki Minaj's Pregnancy Reveal

Even though we already knew, rapper Nicki Minaj broke the internet today after announcing her pregnancy. She made the announcement via Instagram, posting a colorful maternity photo with the caption, “#Preggers”.

Fans and other celebrities quickly began showing Nicki nothing but love with multiple congratulations and well wishes. Her first maternity photo she posted has already received over 8 million likes. She later posted another two maternity photos, followed up with a final photo of a Virgin Mary inspired photo by David LaChepelle.

This will be Nicki’s first child with her husband Kenneth Petty whom she married back in October 2019. She has left many hints to her pregnancy in the past few months, and after today’s announcement it finally confirms fans’ speculations.

Nicki talked about many pregnancy symptoms back in May on Twitter and with a fan even asking her to post a baby bump pic in May where she replied, “Yea in a couple months. The world ain’t ready yet”. She even foreshadowed this moment in a song on Chance the Rapper’s album, “The Big Day” on the song, “Xannies and Fools” where she said, “I’m bout to walk down the aisle, and be a mommy”.

As of today, no confirmations have been made on the gender of her new baby. We congratulate Nicki and Kenneth, and wish her a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Check out how the gayes reacted after Nicki announced she'll be a mommy!


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