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The Mister David Hand

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

The other day, I got to sit down with two inspiring individuals and have a chat about a new show that's coming to Facebook. David Hand is one of five co-hosts to the upcoming "talk show with a twist," the Happy Hour. I had the pleasure of speaking with David and one of his co-stars, Derrick Vidrine, about their lives as gay men, how they got involved with the talk show, and what they do in their professional lives.

David had worked a career in corporate communication design for most of his life. His career brought him to Manhattan and would eventually bring him a great deal of stress. "It was rotting my soul" as he put it. Mister Hand was doing some soul searching, and maybe some more "soul rotting" when a talent scout discovered his Instagram. David would go on to get signed with a modeling agency at the age of 50.

From there, he established the @misterdavidhand Instagram account, which now has over 26,000 followers! He wants to inspire people of any age to seek out and achieve their dreams, get fit, and live their most stylish life. "A designer can hit the ground running at 60," really embodies David's message. Over the course of the night, David emphasized that modelling has revealed his most true passion, fashion.

Courtesy of David Hand

"I'm strictly here for fashion, I don't know how more plainly I can say it." David said quite plainly in regards to his fashion career. His firm stance as being a fashion only model has lead to him having a "bumpy ride from the agency perspective." But Mister David Hand doesn't want to "advertise your boner pills," he wants to dominate runways.

He's already walked the runway in LA and New York, been cast in Milan, and is followed by Season 3 winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Raja on Instagram; but that's not enough. David has set his sights on Europe, specifically Spanish markets because he is bilingual. The dream label he'd want to wear down a run way? Tom Ford. Now that would be a fashion moment (make it happen Mr. Ford).

Courtesy of David Hand

David grew up in a very conservative household in suburban Connecticut, with bigoted parents who held every outdated views and implanted those views in their young son. As soon as he could, he moved to the closest big city and started learning about other cultures, and meeting all shades of people he had never met before. He says to this day it's a learning experience, and everyday he works on managing those thoughts from his childhood.

So how did David find Kendrell Bowman, the creator of The Happy Hour, and get casted as one its hosts? He auditioned! To him it was another casting job. But David feels very honored to be a part of the show and spoke highly of his co-stars. He called Kendrell "magnetic" and noted that he and Derrick share a feeling of commonality.

"We all share a great energy" David said, noting that the guests on the show keep perspectives interesting and fresh and that the first episode has quite an informative guest.

Courtesy of David Hand

David noted his perspective tends to be pragmatic, and quite left-wing, saying, "I don't have a conservative bone in my body." His line of work allows him a deeper well of knowledge about pop culture. He also comes from a generally agnostic point of view, understanding why gay men wouldn't want to hold a dogmatic point of view but respecting everyone in the groups beliefs.

David feels the show is will reveal that gay men can have deep, critical thoughts. "Its not about spilling tea and throwing shade, we're having real conversations" he said, with amazing looking hair. He's ready to show the world the diverse topics, perspectives, and guests in store on The Happy Hour, and I know we are too.

Be sure to catch The Happy Hour on Facebook and YouTube, airing April 8th, 2019.


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