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Tinashe Shares What Type of Women She Likes, Reveals She Had a One-Night Stand with a Female Groupie

Singer, dancer and actress Tinashe has forever been an LGBT ally. But recently, Tinashe has decided to talk more openly about her own sexuality. Now this may be old tea for some of you #gayes, but we're happy to inform you that Tinashe is definitely a part of the rainbow community.

In a recent interview on "Angela Yee's Lip Service", the cast gathered some raunchy, hot tea on Tinashe's love life. Breakfast Club radio host and journalist Angela Yee candidly asked Tinashe if she had ever hooked up with a cute groupie.

"Guys always mess with groupies on tour, have you ever a groupie and been like 'he's cute'?"

"One time a girl," Tinashe responded laughingly.

When asked by Angela if it "worked out for a lil while", Tinashe clarified that she "never talked to her ever again" after the hookup. Upon that response, the cast asked her what type of girls she typically goes for.

"Are they more girly, or are they more masculine," asked Lore'l.

Tinashe responded indecisively, saying she "can't say" but "both", further clarifying that she has a type with men but not with women. She then shared that she's dated a "more masculine girl but not a super masculine girl, and she's never dated a "super feminine girl" either.

Early in 2019, the 26-year-old artist opened up about her sexuality with Rolling Stone, where she said she is attracted to both men and women but does not want to label her sexual identity.

“I don’t necessarily want to put a title on it, ‘cause as soon as you put a title on it, people, you know, put it into a category where it has to be 50/50,” Tinashe told Rolling Stone.

Whatever our girl Tinashe wishes to catogerize herself, we are here for it. As previously states, Se's been a long term ally. Recently, old tweets from 2009-10 resurfaced, in which she voiced her views on gay marriage, asking why isn't it legal yet for gays to get married in California. In another tweet she made in 2010, she tweeted encouragement for LGBT teens struggling with their sexuality.

Check Out the Interview Below: (42:29)


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