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Todrick Hall's Femuline Tour is Loud And Proud!

Todrick Hall took the world by storm with his latest 2022 tour "The Femuline Tour"!

Starting with the tour name, "Femuline" is a term coined by Todrick that describes an individual who possesses both feminine and masculine qualities but doesn't necessarily associate with either one. We can all admit that, Femuline is Todrick Hall all day long and he himself agreed.

"My friend was over...and he was talking to me about his hashtag "Tomgirl" from one of his Instagram post...which I loved but still saying the word "girl" didn't feel like something that would necessarily fit my brand right now. So I decided to create a world that was combining feminine and masculine qualities, and I came up with the word Femuline," Hall told Pride Source.

From his designer wardrobe to his impeccable vocals, fans all over the country got to experience the Femuline performance of a lifetime. Including our very own team here at Gaye Magazine!

Todrick Hall with Gaye Magazine's staff and Editor in Chief K. Keith
Todrick Hall with Gaye Magazine's Editor in Chief K. Keith and staff in Atlanta

The superstar took every chance to count down the days with his fans until the big show, but he also expressed that it was the hardest few months of his life.

“This has been the hardest month and 1/2 of my life, but tonight my seventh world tour kicks off in Seattle," Todrick began in a caption on Instagram.

"Those of you who loved and supported me even when it wasn't easy. Your loyalty to me and my team has been incredible and tonight I'm going to be showering you with every bit of love I have because without you all, I wouldn't be living out my truth on stage representing my community the way you've allowed me to.”

And loyal we all were, including stars like TikTok sensation London Romano and Ms. Dianna Williams of DD4L dance group. In addition to showing support, Hall's LGBT dance crew showed out on stage by sharing their very own back stories during intermissions.

The former American Idol star gave us vocals and intimate moments during some of his hits like, "Attention", that ended in a runway model walk during his night in Nashville, TN.

Gaye Magazine staff writer Latesa Lins with Todrick Hall
Todrick Hall & Gaye Magazine's Staff Writer Latesa Lins at Femuline Tour in Nashville, TN

Todrick gave us his all from head to toe, dripping in designer from one of his favorites, Marco Squad.

He took the stage in a green and gold cheerleader outfit with dollar bills shaped as his skirt, & the word “FAG” on his top. But the glam didn’t stop there! Marco Squad also came through with a Gucci brown nun dress. With the tabard, veil and head cap to match as he rapped "Both".



All night long, every dancer kept up with his dance moves, adding a touch of unique acrobatics and well-executed formations. Todrick ended the show by giving his fans, "Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels" where the crown went wild in techno color lights and vogue .

The Femuline Tour lineup consist of over 55 states and several countries such as Europe and Canada. The “Born To Be A Queen” superstar expressed he was thrilled to meet every single one of us .

Unfortunately, his last U.S. tour date was April 29th of this year but you can expect more of Todrick from his new album, "ALGORHYTHM". The release date is set on June 1st, 2022, which is the first day of pride month and Hall “couldn't be more proud”.

“This 80's inspired album is my best work yet, I couldn't be more proud. I have always struggled finding confidence in my voice and my last few albums have mostly been a collection of rapped club bangers, but being on the Masked Singer really gave me a new found confidence in my instrument. So I'm singing my heart out on this album WHILE giving you club anthems.”

Overall The Femuline Tour lifts spirts, hearts and souls on a level only an authentic artist like Todrick Hall could do. His tour provides a full production with a Broadway concert feel. It's safe to say that Todrick fans including our team left with confidence in our sexuality and thrilled to take the world by storm.

Catch Todrick during his international leg of his Femuline Tour. View and Purchase Tickets here.

Check out the Gaye Teams' visit to Todrick's concert below:

Todrick Hall and Gaye Staff Writer Reezy aka Behati Beauty


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