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Todrick Hall Taps Tiffany Pollard in 8-min Music Video "Y.A.S.", Talks New Album Roach Killaz & Tour

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y.a.s music video by todrick hall featuring tiffany pollard
Courtesy of Todrick Hall

Say what you want about Todrick Hall, but he did THAT! As he always does!

For the release of his latest album 'Roach Killaz", Todrick Hall kicks off his visuals with an 8-minute video masterpiece for his song "You Ain't Shit (Y.A.S) starring none other than the Head Bitch in Charge herself - Tiffany "New York" Pollard.

The video showcases the new extended version of "Y.A.S", which originally gained popularity from his fans during his Femuline World Tour. When asked what was it like working with New York on set and why he asked her to collaborate as an official feature - he exclusively tells Gaye Magazine that he's always admired her.

"New York was the consummate professional. I've admired her for years and how she's been able to remain relevant and reinvent herself."

"Watching her at work I realized how genius she is firsthand. Her comedic timing was just on point for every single take and while she was a little mic shy to come and record a song for the first time, she delivered on every take and it was all just so entertaining to experience."

Todrick Hall new album Roach Killaz
Roach Killaz by Todrick Album Available Now

Featuring cameos from RuPaul's Drag Race star Willam, model Kyle Kleiboeker and choreographer Jeremy Copeland, Y.A.S. takes viewers on a dance-filled and rather hilariously random journey starting in the wild West.

The video takes us to the streets in a Michael Jackson thriller theme and even under the sea with the Little Mermaid, all while dragging a certain someone by their throat as Todrick repeatedly belts "You Ain't Shit" in different melodic tones.

Todrick Hall Y.A.S. (you ain't shit) music video featuring Tiffany "new york" Pollard

From the title alone, it's clear that Todrick is shitting on someone who did him wrong in his past. However, Todrick exclusively tells us that he and the person he wrote the song about have since patched things up".

"At least this week we're cordial," he continued while laughing. "But, since writing the song I used other experiences in my life as my motivation to create the extended petty mix. I think you go through rough chapters in life with people, rather than cry about it or feel sorry for yourself, sometimes you just have to laugh about it. I'm not vengeful and I'd honestly never do most of the things I sing about in this song, but I think it's fun to imagine all the ridiculous things you consider when someone hurts you and make it an over-the-top musical because I love theatre so much. But the person I wrote the song about knows who he is...which is why I say "You know who you are" over and over again in the song."

Todrick Hall Y.A.S. (you ain't shit) music video featuring drag queen willam and model kyle kleiboeker
Model Kyle Kleiboeker, Todrick Hall & Drag Queen Willam
tiffany "new york" pollard in todrick hall's music video Y.A.S.

With the release of his new album "Roach Killaz" accompanied by this stellar video, we were curious to know what was most important for Todrick to communicate to listeners on this project, specifically in this new era. He tells us that the inspiration for this new project was partially due to the queen of rap - Nicki Minaj.

"I just wanted to try something a little different. I'm known for making dance club anthems, but I've always low-key felt like I had a little bit of the spirit of Nicki Minaj in me," Todrick exclusively tells Gaye Magazine.

"I idolize Nicki's wit and humor that she uses in her lyricism while absolutely annihilating every beat she hops on. I'm honestly proud of the lyrics in songs like "No Bitch" and "San Diego". It's some of my best lyrical work in my opinion."

Long-time fans and anew would be pleased to know that Todrick announced a new tour titled “The Velvet Rage” which kicks off in September. Of course, we asked all the necessary questions:

What can people expect in this tour compared to the others? Will everyone need to wear their Roach Killaz? What’s the inspiration/story behind the title of your tour?

The "Velvet Rage" is going to be my most raw, vulnerable, and intimate concert in my career. There will be pageantry, costumes, choreography, and some talented PAID dancers," Todrick tells Gaye with a smile.

"But I want to show people a side of me they've never seen before and discuss some of the hardships of being in this industry. I have made a lot of mistakes in my career and in my life just in general, but I also have been misunderstood my entire life growing up as a double minority in a predominately white industry of ballet and musical theatre."

"My experience has always looked and felt different than the normal black experience, but I can't change my past, I can only wake up every day and try to be a better version of myself than the night before. As an artist, as a partner, and most importantly as a human.

Watch the Music Video for Y.A.S. Below:


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