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Torrey Harris Breaks Tennessee Record as First Openly Gay Elected Representative

It's an election that keeps on giving and this time its in the name of a 29 year old Democrat, Torrey Harris. State Representative Torrey Harris will be representing Memphis and Mannis. Tennessee is one of five states that have never elected an openly LGBT member, making Harris the first and the youngest representative for Tennessee.

Harris does not hide his sexuality but stated, “For me, it’s a part of who I am. But it’s not what I’m pushing on the platform. What I’m pushing is criminal justice reform, what I’m pushing for is healthcare, what I’m pushing for is public education,” he said.

Harris went on to Twitter to celebrate saying, "I won! I am Tennessee State Representative Torrey Harris with 78% of the votes!"

On Harris' election page, he writes: "Our children and youth are our best asset, we need to empower our educators, assist our parents, hold our state and government leadership accountable, support our local businesses, respect race and culture, honor women's choices and create livable situations for our disabled, special needs, and those in need of better healthcare and the time for that is now."

Harris is expected to go to Nashville to take over for incumbent John DeBerry, who ran the district for the last 26 years. We've got another one #gayes! It looks like 2021 might be a year to look forward to.

Watch below to learn more about Torrey Harris:


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