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Trans Actress Indya Moore Fights With Trump Supporter After Stomping on His Sign

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Video footage of "Pose" actress Indya Moore getting into a tug of war fight with a Trump supporter has surfaced. The video begins with Indya stomping on a "Re-Elect Trump" sign in NYC then trying to walk away with it.

The owner of the sign, Dion Cini, rushed in to take back his property, but began struggling with both Indya and another guy as they tried to keep it. Dion is seen violently shoving Indya while trying to take back his sign.

"Get the fu*k outta here," said Dion in the video while struggling with Indya. Indya then reaches in and knocks Dion's MAGA (Make America Great Again) visor off before the police stepped in to intervene. The video concludes with Indya being lectured by police.

According to TMZ, Dion has filed a police report for larceny. He says the sign's custom-made and ran him about $250.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Cini accused Moore’s friends of trying to escalate the situation, and referred to Indya as "him."

“The actor came over, started kicking a sign, and threw it to the ground,” he said, adding that he’d filed a police report. “I let him continue to stomp on it. You can’t really hurt it, I’ve had other people kick it before ... “I have no grievances with the actor. I just don’t want to be robbed when I’m executing my First Amendment rights.”

Dion took to Facebook to share his thoughts on everything with his followers. Many of them applauded him and referred to Indya as "he/him/it".

Indya later took to Twitter to thank her fans for all of their support.

It is unclear how Indya and Dion crossed paths, however sources tell us that Indya was filming an episode of Pose in a studio nearby. According to Yahoo News, Cini is an outspoken Trump supporter who has previously made headlines for being banned from Disney Parks after holding up pro-Trump signs on park rides as well as recently clashing with a bartender who refused to serve him because of his MAGA hat.

What are your thoughts on this entire situation?


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