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Trans Man Attacked in Own Yard in Front of Partner for Acting 'Gay'

Colorado Springs, Colorado has seen a recent spike in hate crime. According to the county's local news, Colorado Springs has 35 reported hate crimes since 2016. 8 were reported in 2016 and then it went up to 12 in 2017.

The most recent attack was to a young man named Emmit Davis. Davis was named, Mr. Trans of Colorado Springs. He and his partner were on the porch of his home when three men began to verbally attack them. Davis told local news, KRDO, "They started immediately saying 'look at those d****' ... you know, homophobic slurs." The three men then proceeded to jump over Davis' fence and then beat him in front of his partner. They screamed racial slurs and punched him to the ground -beating his eye. As a result Davis was left with gruesome bruises and temporarily stunned vision on his right side.

"For it to happen in our own front yard, it was pretty terrifying," he said. "We're not seen as humans by some people. We were so scared... we still are. I never in my life thought for being who I am, I would be assaulted."

The Colorado Springs Police Department are currently looking for the three men. Lt. Howard Black says, "Each one of these cases are looked at and investigated at a very high level."

As for Emmit Davis, he has has chosen to take the high road. "We don't hate the people who attack us, if we fill ourselves with the same hatred that they fill themselves with... nothing is going to change," he said.

If anyone knows any information please contact CSPS tip line.


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