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Trans Producer D. Smith Makes Her Film Debut Following the Lives of Black Trans Women, "Kokomo City"

D. Smith, a two-time Grammy award-winning record producer, singer and songwriter made history as the first transitioning transgender woman to appear on Love & Hip Hop. Now the talented producer is making her documentary film debut with the release of "Kokomo City", a "raw, edgy but rare look into the lives of Black transgender women as they explain the dichotomy between the black community and themselves".

D. Smith shared a trailer of "Kokomo City" on her Instagram page Saturday (Oct. 2), noting that the conversation her film tackles has been "avoided for many many years."

D. Smith (Love & Hip Hop)

"After 15 years in the music industry, I’ve decided to focus more energy on film making," she began in her caption.

"So many of our black children grow up afraid and confused because of traditional values or admissible violence against them. Sometimes leading to death."

D. Smith gave insight behind the process of filming the documentary, stating that she reached out to 5 directors to help film the project, but "they all said no".

"I went out and bought a camera and a really nice lens and filmed it myself. No assistant, no lighting person, no editor. Just the vision of a truth."

The two-minute trailer she released has already received notable praises from LGBT industry leaders and others within the Black trans community.

Pose star Indya Moore, shared the full trailer of Kokomo City to her Instagram, stating that "D Smith goes deeper in her art, and in such a way that humanizes (black) trans women from various experiences and frames dreams of love, family, belonging and transcending survival".

D. Smith has not yet announced an official release date for her film, but we will all be anxiously waiting.

Check Out the Trailer Below:


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