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Trans Woman Ari Smith Reveals She is the Rolex Bandit, Responds to Backlash for Stealing 5K Watch

Just a few days ago, surveillance video of a woman trying on a nearly $5,000 Rolex watch in a jewelry store and quickly taking off with the watch went viral on the internet.

According to FOX 5 Atlanta, this incident had taken place at the S.M. Diamond Center inside North Dekalb Mall. The woman had came into the store in an expensive fur coat and sunglasses pretending to look at watches that she would potentially purchase for her boyfriend. But, while she was trying on one watch she quickly ran with a $4,800 Rolex watch. The jewelry is 14-karat gold and silver with a near one-karat diamond on top. The employee that was present ran to tell the owner and the owner ran after the woman himself.

The video of this wild footage went viral all over the internet and was used to make memes as well.

When it comes to identifying who exactly committed this crime on the surveillance footage many believed that it was a woman who goes by the name of Japan, also known as Japanese Faces, a celebrity makeup artist.

But, a trans woman by the name of Ari Smith took to the internet with a live video responding to these claims and said that Japan did not steal the expensive jewelry and in fact, she is the one who stole the Rolex.

Japanese Faces

Ari said that she already turned herself in with her lawyer present, went to jail for two hours and came right back out. Ari even goes on to say that it was not just one watch she stole, but nine watches were stolen from nine different stores and that eight out of the nine had the insurance to replace the watches but the store that released the surveillance did not have insurance to replace the jewelry. This was even confirmed by the owner of S.M Diamond center in the FOX 5 Atlanta package.

Afterwards, she threw insults towards those who judged her over the whole dispute in the video.

Check out the full live video below:


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