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Trans Woman Arrested for Drugging Man & Stealing Up to $500K in Jewelry, Bragged Items on Instagram

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

35-year-old Andria Banks has been arrested and charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling and grand theft. Banks, who lives in Miami-Dade County in Florida, was arrested at her Adventura home less than a week after the theft occurred.

According to the arrest report, Banks and the victim met at a nearby apartment on December 28th. The victim invited Banks to his Bal Harbor condo. The victim stated that when he woke up, he felt drugged. It was then that he discovered five pieces of jewelry, cash, and his debit card were stolen. Police estimate that all of the items stolen are worth $483,500.

Banks was recognized by a police officer while reviewing the surveillance of the crime. She was wearing the necklace when she was arrested, and she made an Instagram video wearing the necklace as well.

Banks confessed to the crime and is now in jail. She is expected to face a bail of $31,500.

Via Local 10 News:


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