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Missing Trans Woman Found Dead in Maryland, Mother Delayed Filing Missing Person's Report

21-year-old Angel Rose Garcia was reported missing by a friend on social media earlier in the week. Her friends hadn’t seen her since Dec. 10th, when she left for a date. Angel Garcia died of unknown causes, according to Prince George’s County Police Department.

Now, one might wonder as to why Angel being missing went unreported for nearly a week. Emmelia Talarico, one of the lead organizers of No Justice No Pride, told the Blade in an email on Wednesday that the group had been “coordinating” with Garcia’s mother efforts to find Garcia since Dec. 13. She said the mother chose not to file a missing person’s report until Dec. 16. Talarico also said the mother “had the missing person’s report changed from Trans woman to male.”

A copy of the public version of the missing person’s report the Blade obtained on Wednesday from D.C. police identifies the missing person only as “M-1” and doesn’t disclose the person’s gender.

A comment on the Blades gives us some idea. Allegedly, “Angel’s mother rejected her, and she wasn’t allowed to live at home unless she detransitioned.”

Spokesperson for police, Jennifer Donelean, stated that Angel was found by EMTs minutes after the person she was visiting called 911.

“On Dec. 10 a person called 911 to report that their friend is gurgling while sleeping and snorting and is very concerned about their wellbeing."

Donelean also stated that Angel’s friend had placed her in a ‘recovery position’ to keep her from choking, and then performed CPR. Upon arrival, the emergency medical team declared Angel dead.

According to the Blade, Donelan said police were not releasing the 911 caller’s name. The police did however asked the person with Garcia where he picked her up, but he gave police the wrong address.

Garcia’s body was taken to the Office of the Maryland Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore where an autopsy was performed. According to the Blade, although the autopsy found no signs of trauma or outward injury, the results of chemical toxicology tests that are part of the autopsy are still pending and could take “weeks” to complete, she said.

Until the results of those tests are known the official cause of death cannot be determined, Donelan said.

“Nothing right now indicates to us that there is anything sinister or any foul play associated with her death,” Donelan went on to say. “We have no visible sign of trauma. We have a witness who attempted lifesaving measures. We have from their home someone who was very cooperative.”

Angel died the same day she was last seen, but it took police a week to locate her next of kin. On December 16th, when her mother and friend visited the Third District Police Department to report Angel missing. Angel’s mother was notified the same day of her passing.

After it was confirmed that Angel had passed, No Justice No Pride took to social media to say: “There is no longer a reason to share or continue efforts,” the message says. “Angel Garcia (Angel Rose) has been found. Please follow No Justice No Pride, Trans-Latinx DMV and They/Them Collective for updates. Thank you all and please keep the trans community in your prayers and closer in your hearts. Grateful for all the efforts.”

Sending all my love to Angel’s family and friends during this time. Rest in Power, Angel.


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