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Transgender Woman Beaten By Mob That Broke Into Her Home Survives, "I'm In Fear of My Life"

The lord seems to be stepping in. Just days after Jacob Black was shot 7 times in the back and survived, transgender woman, Kendall Stevens, is still alive after a vicious mob beating taken place in her own home at 11 p.m. on Monday in South Philadelphia.

Kendall spoke with local news reporters explaining that the incident started with loud commotion and what seemed like a brawl outside her property. Out of concern for her godchild and another child who were in the home with she and her husband, Kendall approached the crowd outside to tell them to quiet down or she would call the police.

The security camera outside Kendall's door caught the mob suddenly turning on her and running to her doorsteps before it was ripped off.

"It was a brawl, people were fighting, people were throwing around liquor bottles all in front of my property while I had kids inside," she said, "This lady comes balling at me like a bull and starts swinging at me, I tried to close my door, front door, and as I'm doing this, she kicks it open and starts attacking me all about the face. They called me a tranny, they said, 'You're a man, we're gonna get you.' And they were repeating this all throughout the beating, (they) said that I deserved it. "I am in fear of my life, they threatened to come back and finish the job. (They were the) last words they said to me. They already showed what kind of monsters they are, they're savages."

Kendall's case was only treated as a regular assault until she went to the hospital where the medical team called detectives. The Philadelphia LGBTQ Police Liason committee are now currently involved making sure that the case gets all the attention it deserves.

Co-chair of the committee, Deja Alvarez states that this incident will be an "example", there will be an example made that it is not going to be open season on trans people." She says that she is glad Kendall is okay but angry about the situation.

At the moment there are no suspects or arrests. Police are asking that if any information is known to contact 215-686-TIPS.


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