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TS Madison Pitches Peach to Join the Cast of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"

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ts madison real housewives of atlanta

Actress, social media, and TV personality Ts Madison attended Kandi Burruss’ 10 year celebration for Bedroom Kandi and seemingly pitched herself to be added to the cast of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”! She also gave Gaye some exclusive details on her boo too!

Madison teased, “Get ready housewives of ATLANTA because a new housewife is on the way B**ches”, as Kandi cheered on saying, “Yes Hunny, a peach looks good on you!”

Madison also took to Twitter Friday night, saying:

As a woman of trans experience, Madison would definitely add fresh LGBTQ+ representation to the show as she’s been living in Atlanta for years and has since made many connections to the cast - including Kandi, Marlo and Andy Cohen. The season 2 renewal of “The TS Madison Experience” would also make her reality tv switch to Bravo seamless.

The buzz of her possibly joining RHOA is already gathering positive attention from her fans and those of the show.

So of course - we asked Maddie directly that if she were to join the show, “would she bring her man out of hiding?” After all, Madison needs a husband, or soon-to-be hubby, to be considered a true housewife.

In short, just know “he got money,” Madison revealed.

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see if Andy or Kandi is ready to up the ratings for the next season! Gayes, can you see Madison with a peach? Should she be a single socialite like Marlo Hampton or have a love interest like the other cast?


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