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TS Madison Vs. Armon Wiggins, Claims She is Stopping Khia's Bag

Oop! Gayes, we a bit late catching all the drama between TS Madsion, Armon Wiggins, & Khia, but you guys can play catch up!

Khia apparently had a show in Houston for pride that she was dropped from, and she is claiming that TS Madison stopped her bag because allegedly Madison caused her homophobic rhetoric to be brought to light, and rightfully so.

Youtube blogger Armon Wiggins comes to Khia’s defense claiming that TS Madison has a way of doing that and that Madison was simply using Khia doing her time on the Queens Supreme Court; however, Armon then began to get more personal and begins talking about why he was never invited on the show despite knowing Madison since 2015.

Madison responds with two simple posts. We will keep you all updated if Madison decides to make a verbal clapback, we all know she’s known for it.


Armon takes to Instagram afte MAdison finishes her most recent episode of the Queens Supreme Court.


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