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U.K Trans Model Elie Che Body Found On Orchard Beach in N.Y, Vigil to be Held

23 year old U.K Trans Model Elie Che
Photo Credit: Elie.Che Via Instagram

Another Black Trans woman has become a victim of homophobic violence this year. 23-year-old Elie Che was found near a bronx beach on Monday night. The U.K Trans model was a huge part of the London queer nightlife and was loved by many.

Che recently relocated to New York City from Atlanta to pursue her transition. She was living in London for three years where she didn’t have healthcare or access to hormones but was still known as a "vision of beauty" from fans on twitter.

According to police, Elie "was pronounced dead at the scene near Orchard Beach Road and Park Drive shortly after 6 a.m. It wasn't clear if the victim had any signs of trauma to her body or if she was clothed, nor was it immediately clear...The medical examiner's office will conduct an autopsy to determine how she died."

Che was hoping to get into fashion. Her Instagram was filled with videos and modeling photos. She is seen exploring gender, fashion and LGBT issues. In July of this year, Che created a GoFundMe to help with her transitioning and the relocation to New York to become a model.

"As some of you may know, transitioning is a long, very expensive journey...I think people are finally understanding this and the issues among black trans women who have an average lifespan of 35 years old, I want to make it past that. Obviously it’s much harder getting jobs in regular industries as I’m not the most passable trans person and a lot of the world is transphobic...As a black trans woman who is a fashion enthusiast, NYC seems like the appropriate place for me to live and thrive in while I’m going through my hormonal changes."- Elie Che via GoFundMe

U.K trans Model Elie Che
Photo Credit: Elie.Che Via Instagram

According to The National Center for Transgender Quality, last month 28 transgender people had been murdered up until this point, compared to 26 in 2019. This year, 23 victims had been transgender women with the NCTQ noting that "the epidemic of violence is particularly pronounced for Black and Latina trans women."

In remembrance of the young and talented Elie Che. A candlelight vigil will take place on Sunday, September 6, 2020. Her trans mother shared these words with Pittsburgh's journalist.

"Elie, as you ascend into the ancestral realm, know you are loved. Hundreds of thousands near and far feel your presence now more than ever, you are truly a star. Your beauty, charisma, and compassion for others was that unlike any other — We will forever speak your name. Love, Iman:

Elie Che Candle light Vigil
Photo Credit: PGHLesbian


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