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Unemployment Rates Due to COVID-19 Approaching Great Depression Level Heights

Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

As of the end of April, it has been reported that 26 million Americans are currently unemployed. According to Intelligencer, this large number of unemployment occurred within the past five weeks. "Should current trends continue, we may well exceed that era’s peak unemployment rate of 24.9 percent in the coming weeks," the article stated.

So, what's going on besides the obvious? We are in the middle of a pandemic. A pandemic we weren't prepared to deal with. That much becomes clearer with each passing day. So, what gives? Saagar Enjeti, co host of The Hill's YouTube show 'Rising' gives us an eye opening perspective during an April 23rd episode.

"I want every single unemployed person, every business owner, and anyone out there who's been suffering economically to know definitively that this is not your fault," Enjeti said at the beginning of his segment.

Enjeti goes on to discuss how the elitist coddling candidates and government officials is to blame for things happening the way they are. "They want you to fail. They want you to have nothing but scraps. They want you beaten down into submission and thankful for the pennies they chose to throw at you." Yep, that $1,200 didn't go very far.

The way things are being done must change. It isn't fair that working class people who make minimum wage must be responsible to keep the economy afloat. Bailing out big banks and corporations while regular everyday people suffer is abhorrent and unacceptable. The sad fact is this problem exists in both the Democratic and Republican parties. It's corruption plain and simple.

So, what can be done? Enjeti has a suggestion: "Cover payroll for American workers as proposed by lawmakers like Josh Holly and Rashida Tlaib. We have made a choice to leave things this way, and we can make a choice to approach it differently."

Enjeti tells co host Krystal Ball: "It just makes me so angry. There's no law that says we have to live this way. A small group decided this who answers to no one."

#Gayes if you are among the unemployed right now, we empathize with you. This is a tough situation and this virus isn't going away any time soon. What we desperately need right now is Universal Basic Income or UBI.

We encourage you to call and email your local governmental representatives and make your voice is heard. Now isn't the time for inaction. Now is the time to protest, and now is the time to demand that the working class get much better than they are right now.


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