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UPDATE: Alvin Responds to Prince's Allegations on the Armon Wiggins Show

Last night's report was something else, but today is even more intense between Prince and Alvin's beef. The beef between the two started because Alvin sent three heart eyed emojis to Prince. Prince retaliated saying that he would beat up Alvin for trying him on that level. Prince went on his live and that's when Alvin commented saying, "You have so much to say in the club last night. What's good right now?" Alvin went on his instagram live and continued his rant about fighting Prince for checking/confronting him about sending three eyed emojis.

Last night, our infamous podcast host Armon Wiggins, went live and Alvin shared a few words about everything that happened between Prince and himself. As usual, Armon wasn't holding back with the questions honey. He came ready for facts and that's what he was going to get out of Alvin last night.

Alvin confirmed that Prince checked him about the heart eyed emojis, but he didn't think it was that serious and claimed he didn't know what he was talking about. He also stated that he never messaged Prince more than once. Armon went even further to ask Alvin if he is attracted to Prince, which of course, Alvin admitted by saying that Prince is attractive just like any other attractive man, but Prince wouldn't be attracted to a gay man like him, if he was "gay". Alvin made sure to let Armon know that he's attracted to hood n***** not pretty boys.

Watch a snippet below:

Alvin also talked about him not being Trina's assistant anymore and more about everything that happened between Prince and him. Armon asked the main question that everyone is asking. Is this all about getting a story line for the infamous show Love & Hip Hop: Miami?

Alvin replies, "I'm not fighting for a story line, if i was fighting for a story line I would've did a lot more things and things that I never agreed to do, but I'm not a snake that is desperate for money."

Check Out the Video Below:

There you have it folks. This isn't about having nor getting a story line, as Alvin would say "this is real life." Stay beautiful as always, queens.

Watch the full live interview with Alvin on the Armon Wiggins Show below:


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