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Video of Latin Trans Women Fighting Men in Miami Pizzeria Goes Viral [Video]

A video caught of two Latina #transgender women fighting two men in a Miami Restaurant has now gone viral on the internet. According to NBC 6 South Florida, this violent altercation had taken place on Monday, Dec. 8, at Rey’s Pizzeria in Hialeah, Florida.

As shown in the video, the altercation started because while the two women were eating pizza, two men were harassing them by calling them names and mocking them. As an employee of the pizzeria tried to diffuse the situation, things only got worse after a man wearing a green shirt sat next to one of the ladies.

After going back and forth trading words, they both get up from their seats, and the woman with blonde hair says in Spanish, “If you keep talking I’m going to break your face!”

Right after, the woman with red hair charges at the man in the blue shirt and it all got violent from there. With a brawl beginning between the two pairs, punches thrown and chaos all around. Leaving the two men badly injured.

Julio Guiterrez, an attorney for Rey’s Pizzaeria, told NBC 6, “We always worry because this was a serious incident and somebody was hurt. This has never happened to us before at any of our pizzerias and we’re open 24 hours a day... This is just something that shouldn’t happen”

This incident is currently being investigated by the Hialeah Police Department.

#Gayes, watch the video below and tell us what you think of this situation.


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