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Video Shows Gay Couple Attacked in their Own Store by Homophobes

photo from youtube video

Store footage shows Sergio Acosta, 25, and Jose Campos, 33, battling it out against 3 attackers in their own electronics store in O'Higgins region Chile. The conflict begins when one of the attackers tries to return an item to the couple's store in order to get a cheaper one. Campos refuses and the man gets angry.

In the video, Sergio Acosta tries to walk past the men before he is shoved. The situation escalates as Acosta is then held by the arm and has it twisted behind his back. Eventually, the man pushes Acosta to the ground grabbing his hair. Acosta's partner, Jose Campos, attempts to help but is held back by one of the other men and has to watch as the other two attackers beat Sergio Acosta. Sergio's hair is pulled and takes blows to the face, he tries to fight back by kicking and punching.

LGBTNation gives Campos' description of the attack saying, "Without provocation, without insults or prior discussion, these guys were merciless with Sergio giving him blows of fists and feet in an act of cowardice never before seen in the area and accompanied at all times of homophobic insults. They repeated, “Shut up, f*ggot,” “bottom,” “m*therf*cker,” Campos said.

At one point, Campos was thrown on top of his partner, Acosta, and kicked in the head.

"A third one was telling me not to help him,” Campos continued. “When I managed to get loose, they threw me over and I covered my head best I could as they hit me on the head.”

photo from youtube video

The men were arrested but only charged 40$ and then released. The President of Movement of Homosexual Integration and Liberation, MOVIHL, declared that state legislatures should create harsher penalties for attacks like this. The group also filed the attack to the Ministry of the Interior with the hope that the couple will receive free legal and psychological counseling.

Watch the video below to see it all unfold.


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