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Wanda Sykes Returns with New Netflix Special "I'm An Entertainer", Official Trailer

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Wanda Sykes I'm an Entertainer netflix special
Wanda Sykes: I'm an Entertainer | Courtesy of Netflix

Our friends at Netflix gifted Gaye Magazine with the trailer for award-winning comedian Wanda Sykes' upcoming comedy special. Executively produced by Sykes' own Push It Productions, "I'm An Entertainer" is set to premiere on May 23, 2023.

Directed by Linda Mendoza, the Netflix debut was previously filmed back in February at Philadelphia's Miller Theater. This will be Sykes' latest special since her 2019 production "Not Normal", which was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards.

Wanda Sykes new netflix special 2023
Wanda Sykes: I'm an Entertainer | Courtesy of Netflix

Her second hour-long special, "I'm An Entertainer" provides nothing short of her renowned, and sometimes controversial social commentary. Kayne West, LGBTQ's political climate, and the challenges she faces raising her own children are just a few takes Sykes hints at in the special's trailer released.

"I'm sick of going high, I wanna go low, I wanna have some fun", she said.

What could be considered "going low" is debatable in Sykes comedic history. Back in 2009, she was the first black female LGBTQ comedian to perform at the White House Correspondents Dinner, where she made seemingly questionable remarks about Rush Limbaugh, his kidney failure, and alleged drug abuse.

Wanda Sykes: I'm an Entertainer

Later in 2016, Sykes made some jokes about Trump that didn't sit well with a Boston crowd at the TD Garden Arena, prompting several boos from the audience. She would consequently yell "F*ck you and f*ck, yall", to her disapproving crowd.

Despite the backlash that is ultimately inevitable from a controversial comedian like herself, Wanda Sykes is clearly unwaved with her upcoming special on the horizon. Stream "I'm an Entertainer" on Netflix May 23rd.

Watch the Trailer Below:


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