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Watch Out! Man Robbing Gay Men at Gunpoint on Grindr in Detroit

According to MI Headlines, a person who was a victim to an alleged armed robeery took to Grindr, a gay dating app, to let other gay men in Detroit be warned that a man and his friend is targeting gay men and robbing them.

On Sunday, June 23rd 201, the screen name IrobU posted a picture of the person who they were robbed by and provideda message to warn others. The man who posted the info to the app has filed a police report with Detroit Police. The alleged robbery took place on Saturday June 22nd at 2:30 a.m.

The post reads: “This man at 122** Frankfort in Detroit robbed me at gunpoint when meeting. He preys on gay men with his buddy and is straight. BE CAREFUL…he was on today to get another victim…he has robbed 7 men so far and shot another.”

According to MI Headlines, the person in the photo has come forward and is claiming he is innocent and that his image and reputation should not be connected to this incident. He has spoken with the police and plans to meet with them again. There still may be another man continuing to do the crimes, as for the post is claiming he was with a friend. We will be following this case closely until further details are confirmed. Meanwhile, please be careful when meeting others on dating apps.


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