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Wendy Williams Makes Negative Comments on Gay Men's Clothing Choices, Apologizes Amidst Backlash

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Yesterday on "The Wendy Williams Show", the popular talk show host made some negative comments about gay men wearing skirts and heels during the episode by saying that gay men should stop wearing them.

This all started on the episode that aired yesterday on FOX. Wendy was doing her regular Hot Topics segment of the show, but then the topic of Valentines Day had came up since it was the next day. The nonofficial holiday of Galentines Day came into the discussion as an alternative to celebrate the day of love with close friends instead of the tradition of Valentine's Day.

Williams had then asked her audience to clap if they were going to participate in Galentine's Day,. but then she seen that some men clapped to signal that they would be participating in the holiday and she quickly called them out to say that the men should have never clapped because Galentine's Day is supposed to only be for women to celebrate.

Williams said, "If your a man and you're clapping, you are not even apart of this, you don't even understand the rules of the day, it's women going out and gettin' saucy, and then coming back home, yeah your not apart, I don't care if you're gay".

She then goes on to say that gay men can do whatever women do but gets frustrated at the fact that women go through something men will never go through, talking about menstruation, and then ends her point of frustration by saying,

"...and stop wearing our skirts and our heels!"

With the audience clapping in agreement with her in the studio taping, the backlash for these comments immediately began after the episode aired on TV. Many people were not too happy with her comment she made on her show and gave their opinions online.

But today, Williams made a tearful video apology for her statements on yesterday's show. She said that she did not mean to offend the LGBTQ+ community and she did not realize the way her delivery until she watched the show for herself to critique it. She said she never does her show in a place of malice and she did not want to hurt anybody with the comments she made.

But, what do y'all think gayes? should she be forgiven for these statements?

Watch the full video apology below:


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