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Wife Swap Will Feature First Black Gay Married Couple On National TV

Drayton McJunkins

YouTube stars, Terrell and Jarius Joesph has been casted on the hit show, Wife Swap. Everyone knows that wife swap fits the description, two wives from different places switch with one another and give feedback about the living arrangements while discussing their experience of living in the other person's household. The wives also talk about what challenges they faced or setbacks that they have experienced.

Wife Swap did a sneak peek of the episode which will air tonight. Terrell will be swapping places with Nina Goss, who's actually a mother of eight and is married to her husband, Matt Goss. Terrell and Jarius are fathers of twins, Ashton and Aria.

Matt and Nina Goss run a strict, Christian household and chaperon dates with their children. Nina gets to know Jarius, but misspoke about her philosophy on homosexuality.I guess we will all have to see how this unfolds on the show tonight.

Everyone tune into this show and show your support.


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