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Woman Shot and Killed After Car Crash Hours After Exposing and Extorting DL Gay Man on Facebook

Monday morning on February 17th, an Indianapolis woman was shot and killed. Although police haven’t released or confirmed any major details of the investigation, witnesses say she was seen in a yellow Camaro speeding down a local road then instantly crashed into a blue car.   Identified yesterday as Jane Waughfield, the story of this 40 year old Illinois native is quite provocative. It all began early Tuesday morning as Waughfield left the accusers house, stating on social media that she left her cell phone on his counter. As she proceeded to step back into the house, letting herself in, what she claimed to have seen was unexpected. Waughfield allegedly caught who she named "Jamal" having full intercourse with his male cousin as she looked over to grab her device. Storming out, describing the two looking back at her as if they were demons, ready to hurt her, she took her story to social media.

Gathering the attention of her followers as she ranted on Facebook Live about the two men and her experience, what was to come next was even more unanticipated. Some may say she exposed these men to warn and "protect" her fellow women in Indianapolis, informing them that DL men are "under the sheets and the covers".

Others may feel Waughfield brought this to light just to gain clout on social media. Regardless, exposing DL men is one of the most dangerous things anyone can subject themselves to. The events that took place shortly after is proof, allegedly.

After posting "Jamal" and his cousin on her Facebook page and taking seventeen minutes to expose the two on Facebook Live, she was later found shot after crashing into a unidentified blue sedan. While investigators haven't yet confirmed a motive for the shooting and crash, the inflammatory social media posts of hours and even days prior raised some suspicion. In the last couple of days, there has been coverage on this tragic story from news and other media sources, so eventually, the entire story will surface itself. However, there are a few questions that need to be asked, that could be overlooked. What was Jane Waughfield doing in the home of "Jamal" and presumed family member to begin with? What are the family and friends of the two alleged shooters saying? Were both men even involved in the shooting together? How long will this disturbing incident resonate with members of the LGBTQ+ community? How impactful is this to woman and men who have (considered) exposing DL men? Gayes, let us know your thoughts and opinions on this destructive event! How can we work together to changing these types of outcomes?


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