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Would You Wear These? Bottega Vaneta Creates Ramen Noodle Inspired Heels

#Gayes, the internet is having a field day with this! Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta has put together some shoes for a 2020 release, which has been compared to a staple of millennial diets — a brick of ramen noodles.

Creative director Daniel Lee was ahead of the fashion lunch line and created a bestseller.

But for Bottega Veneta's 2020 pre-fall collection, Daniel looked to the ‘90s for style inspiration from ramen noodles. The pre-fall shoe is a macramé style that comes as an open-toed mule or clumpy open-backed bootie. They can come in a light tan or yellow, looking exactly like the bricks of noodles. So you tell them what your flavor is.

Last year, in an interview with Vogue, Daniel talked about his understanding of Bottega Veneta as a brand.

“Bottega is a brand that talks about sophisticated elegance. It's almost about being quiet…A silence in all the noise. A kind of stillness.”

“For me, life is really all about living in the moment,” he said. “I don't have social media. I try and use my cell phone as little as possible. I definitely prefer human interaction. That's very important to me and to the work I do. Design is also about living in the moment. It's about working with whatever you have at hand and making the best of a situation. Celebrity? I think it's a very different kind of world than what we're in.”

#Gayes, would wear these ramen noodles inspired shoes?


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