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YouTube Star WeLuvChe Shares Details Behind Viral Fight Video with Ex Best Friend

Youtuber and Instagram comedian Ché, known primarily as 'WeLuvChé' on social media, has officially decided to share details of what led to a viral fight video with her now ex-bestfriend/Instagram comedian Gutta K.

Ché, an Atlanta native who frequently posts comedic videos, pranks and vlogs was recently seen in a viral fight video with Gutta K, ultimately leading to him checking into an emergency room for a dislocated shoulder.

According to Ché, the fight originated after one of her friends attempted to talk to her ex boyfriend. Ché describes that after coming back home from a group trip in Dallas, TX, she received word that one of her friends, whom Ché refers to as KC in her video explanation, was discretely "linking up" with her ex. In the video, she shares that she received a screenshot text message from her ex boyfriend revealing her friend asking him for nude pictures.

Che's group of friends, which at the time included Gutta K, all spoke with KC over the phone to get a better understanding. The conversation resulted in Ché ending her friendship with KC. However, Ché notes that Gutta K still remained friends with KC despite the situation.

"Over the next couple of weeks it seems like Gutta got closer to KC. I explained to them like how would you feel if KC was trying to talk to one of your exes and then I turn around and still be cool with her, kiki'n with her, doing videos with her? Like what."

Ché eventually unfollowed Gutta K on Instagram, which led to her fans thinking they were "beefing", but both Gutta K and Ché talked out their problems weeks later. Despite the pairs' conversation to get over their falling out, they still remained distant.

Che admits that even after their conversation they both threw subtle shade at each other on social media., later sharing that she went live on social media to voice why she isn't cool with Gutta K and KC, which led to more tension.

"Everybody else around me is growing but a certain grow of people that are just not, and it's Gutta and JC," said Ché.

"Ya'll ain't changed yet! For the past year like nothing has changed. I want all of my friends going into 2021...needs to be doing something, progressing not in the same shit. I'm changing, my inner circle is rich bitches. I'm hanging around money...people have been talking to me letting me know they're watching me. I'm trying to change my scenery."

Ché's explantion in additon to her posting "I'm so glad I'm not homeless" on her Instagram story" leads to Gutta K leaking Ché's address and threatening to fight.

Watch Ché's full explanation below:

(Warning Graphic) Full Fight Video Below


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