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Zoie Addresses Backlash for His Preference in Dating DL Men, Reveals He is "Scared to Transition"


Internet personality and YouTuber Zoie Fenty, better known as "#GotDamnZo" has officially addressed the long-term backlash for his preference in not dating openly gay men.

The Atlanta native addressed the LGBT community via Gaye Magazine’s comment section of a post featuring him and TI discussing the recent homophobic HIV/AIDS remarks made by Da Baby during a Rolling Loud performance.

We previously reported that Zoie prefers to only date DL men, in which he stated in a YouTube mukbang with B Simone that “gay masculinity and straight masculinity is different” to him. He later doubled down on his preference on Instagram Live.

Today, (July 28), Zoie revealed that his preference seemingly stems from him not being “strong enough to go thru with becoming a transsexual.” He also adds that he felt like he’d be “unloved by his parents” if he decided to.

He further denounces that he never nor ever will state that two fems, two masc men, two bottoms or two tops can’t date. He concludes his statement that he feels his “masculine features have set in” and that he’s “scared to transition”

Gayes, does Zoie’s explanation give reasonable context behind his preference?

Watch the #GayeFlashback via our Instagram Post below:


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