About Gaye Magazine

Gaye Magazine is an emerging digital news, entertainment, fashion and lifestyle publication dedicated to providing underrepresented groups within the LGBTQ community more limelight in mainstream media. Gaye was originally founded by Dominic Gaye in November 2015 with the intent to reach people who have little to no voice within the community. Though our primary content involves the African-American community, each publication showcases diversity to bridge the gap between all walks of life.

In 2018, business investor K. Keith joined Gaye Magazine as co-founder and Editor in Chief, re-branding Gaye as an online LGBT "blogazine", a fusion of a blog and a magazine. The success of the magazine stems from its unique community based focus and blog style social media presence, enabling us to interact and foster a public forum for our supporters, aka the #Gayes. 


Gaye Magazine covers daily LGBT news, celebrity gossip, trending topics, meme culture, viral videos and more, all while authentically representing Black LGBT culture. The "e" in Gaye represents our mission statement: to help educate, entertain and empower the LGBT community by embracing everyone, everywhere.