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5 Things the Gayes Might Have Missed in Lil Nas X & James Charles' YouTube Collab!

Grammy award winning rapper and songwriter Lil Nas X and beauty YouTuber James Charles linked up to do a make-up look that celebrates the release of Lil Nas' latest single "Holiday". This collab will definitely go down in gaye history, but here are a few things we want you to take a closer look at:

1. Lil Nas X is from Atlanta?

Say what? Lil Nas are you from the city or some place like Conyers or Douglasville? Because we would’ve never guessed. Oh wait, we just looked it up - he’s from Lithia Springs. Ha! We figured he was not completely inner city.

But real talk, we’re glad he is repping Atlanta because under the veil of the negative stereotypes the city has been dubbed such as being full of DL men, too queeny or being HIV rampant, Black gay men are flourishing. And we’re talking as successful entrepreneurs, corporate execs, beauty hair stylists and homeowners just to name a few. Hell, almost every industry the city of ATL offers, best believe that Black gay men are definitely representing.

We’re glad that in this sliver of a moment that Lil Nas serves as a symbol of what Black gay representation looks like, and that includes all of the different forms our community can present itself.

2. James Charles May Have Wanted a Piece of Lil Nas X After He Came Out

Whew, the chemistry! We’re not ones too gossip, too much, but since Lil Nas X told James to “keep this in the video” we figured we might as well bring it up since they teased us with some flirty behavior.

“I remember when you first came out of the closet too I remember tweeting you being like ‘oh my god congratulations’ and everyone was like ‘he is not going to fuck you’,” said James.

Almost immediately following, Lil Nas calls out all the memes created that insinuated they have something going on.It also didn’t help the rumors with Lil Nas X highlighting James Charles having his “cheeks out” in white chaps during Coachella.

James asked, “How did you feel about that outfit?”

“I thought it looked great!” Lil Nas X replied. Hmm? Is it flirting or is it just genuine love? We’ll leave that up to you gayes.

3. It was James Charles' First Time Doing a Male Celebrity’s Makeup on His Channel

It’s especially interesting to hear that this was James Charles first time ever beating a male celebrity’s face on on his YouTube channel. In the video he says, “I’ve done like my friends makeup and stuff or like different YouTubers and stuff but never like an actual male artist.”

In essence, what this shows is that even with James Charles’ enormous brand and platform, there is still hesitation among males in the industry to participate in a collaboration that many may feel is too feminine. We agree with James when he told Lil Nas, “your once again breaking down the boundaries”. It's awesome to see that they are cool enough to be able to grow together.

4. Lil Nas X Wants to Collab with Doja Cat

When asked who Lil Nas X would want to collaborate with, Lil Nas proudly replied, “Shit, I wanna collaborate with Doja Cat. I think Doja Cat is dope."

Now this would be sickening! Doja Cat is in a league of her own, both creatively and musically. We strongly believe that a collab between these two artists would be a moment for all creatives.

“In my opinion she is one of the absolute best artists of our generation. Her verses, her lyrics, like just her sound, her tone, everything about her is amazing. And she’s hilarious too, on a personal level,” said James.

We wholeheartedly concur! To address the elephant in the room about her being cancelled, we’d like to share what Doja said during her Billboard Music Awards performance: “Forget what you’ve seen and forget what you’ve heard”.

Problematic or not, we have no choice but to because her talent exudes her past mistakes. Perhaps we will soon get a song with Lil Nas X and Doja on their upcoming albums once they announce. We’re anxiously waiting.

5. Lil Nas X Advocates for LGBT Rappers

In case you gayes forgot, Lil Nas X is a whole pioneer for openly gay black rappers and artists. His success has catapulted the stereotype of gay rappers being not being to oblivion. But of course this feat does not come without its challenges because he shares that “it was scary as hell”.

Lil Nas X recently paid homage to rap icon Nicki Minaj for Halloween, and a few rappers shared their homophobic opinions on social media about his costume.

“It didn’t make me mad...because I was kinda like ‘fuck, I actually got this person so

interested in like what I was doing that he posted me on his own accounts. Its like I definitely did something right...I mean if you don’t make anyone mad you probably didn't do something right ya know, that's how i feel about it.”

He ends his response with, “I wanna break down these barriers, so when the next wave of LGBT rappers, or ya know entertainers in general come up...they are in a better space.”

And that space is certainly widening. It’s also important to note that with this collab, Lil Nas X’s representation of black gay men is making way for artists to team up with more mainstream artists and now, YouTubers.

Lil Nas proves once again that when you live in your truth unapologetically and authentically doors will open, but that ultimately there is nothing is wrong with continuous expression of your identity while in the public eye. Gayes, please salute James Charles and Lil Nas X for this iconic collab. We are stronger together!


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