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5 Ways To Stay Productive During the Coronavirus Quarantine

As of today, the CDC has reported a total of over 603,050 cases of coronaviruses. 25,263 Americans have died due to the virus. In addition, over 10 million people have applied for unemployment. There are countless individuals without work and unfortunately are unaware of when they will return to their jobs. This has already affected so many and we have a couple more months to endure this. #Gayes, if you are without a job for now, we have a few ways you can stay productive to pass the time.

1. Rest


This may seem like an obvious one, however, it is so important not only to the body but the mind. Sleep helps keep the immune system in tact and fight off any diseases. During these times, it can be very easy to be faced with our mental and emotional baggage that we never unpacked, leaving us drained and restless. So, close your eyes and make sure you get all the health your brain needs to focus on other productive tasks.

2. Exercise


With countless gyms being closed, people may think it is difficult to continue working out. Not true. Turn on a work out video or your favorite music and dance. Cardiovascular exercise will help you maintain healthy lungs, which is important because coronavirus is a respiratory illness. Even if you go for a walk in your neighborhood. With all this time on our hands, there's really no reason not to be active. That being said, be sure to respect any physical distancing recommendations that your local government has placed.

3.  Social Media Challenges


Now that so many people have a lot of free time on their hands, it's okay to allow yourself to simply have fun! Social media is a big part of our lives, so why not partake in some of the fun, positive challenges that are out there? The 3 biggest challenges out right now are the #fliptheswitchchallenge, #savagechallenge, and #dontrushchallenge, which are not only fun to create but so entertaining to watch. Take a crack at it, accept the challenge!

4. Educate Yourself


During this time it can be very easy for our brains to lose its strength, if we let it. Remember, we must treat it like any other muscle in the body. That being said, it's okay to spend some time throughout the day on social media, working out your limbs, and catching up on your beauty rest. However, keeping your mind active will do two things -- keep you from going crazy and expand your knowledge. The awesome thing about this is that you can learn anything! Teach yourself how to play an instrument, dust off that psychology book you've been meaning to read, learn 3 new words each day. Something that will keep your mind in tact and hungry for more.

5. Meditate


This may be the most important. If just for 30 minutes, take some time out of your day to turn your electronics off, go to the quietest place in your house, and meditate. You may want to pray or talk to yourself. You could light a few candles and practice breathing techniques.

You may even want to run a nice bubble bath and relax your body and mind for a while.

Meditating not only conveniently passes the time, it helps us recenter every part of our being and acts as a stress reliever. Through meditation, we get a better understanding of who we are and where we need to make our next steps in life.

In short, there are many things to do while this is all going on. Just take everyday one step at a time and find peace in the things you can control. If you are surrounded by family, find ways to grow closer to them. If you have friends you are able to see, open up and build a better trust between them. Some of you may be without jobs right now, find a side hustle-there is always a different, legal way to make money. Be kind to your mind, your body and spirit. Enjoy each positive moment and lean to the things that keep you energized. And pray!

To everyone who has lost a loved one due to the coronavirus, our team here at Gaye sends our deepest condolences. We will get through this together!


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