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78% of Gospel Musicians are Gay According to Pastor Sonnie Badu in Homophobic Rant

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The Ghanian pastor made the unsubstantiated claim during an interview with Accra 100.5.

Currently the lead pastor of Atlanta's Rockwell Church, Badu expressed his disdain for the LGBTQ+ community, calling it dangerous.

"This LGBT+ agenda is not just in Ghana okay --- it's everywhere in the world," Badu said while taking off his sunglasses. "Schools, cartoons, commercials."

Earlier this month Ghana passed an LGBTQ+ criminalization bill that would impose prison sentences on LGBTQ+ members, affiliates, and advocates.

Though no artists were named, Badu implied the nation [United States] would "never play their music again" if their true affiliations were revealed.

"It's frightening", he said sincerely. "Most of these popular musicians that we play on our airwaves and in our churches are into LGBT activities."

Badu jokingly claimed almost every gospel singer in Atlanta is gay.

Badu further incited multiple forms of mainstream media, advising his followers to limit their consumption --- or eliminate it completely.

"Personally in my house my kids don't watch YouTube again," Badu said. "The messages are so subtle... and it's disturbing as a parent."

Badu described Spiderman kissing another man in movies, highlighting the potentially misleading portrayals within media.

Dr. Sonnie Badu is a best selling author and African gospel musician who is firm in the strength of his deliverance.

"I know my assignment is not one for the faint," he noted via Instagram. "Bring the sick, the oppressed, the depressed... the prophetic oil is going to be thick.


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