Afro-Pop Artist Lyle Anthony Debuts New Album, “The Love Project”

Courtesy of @LyleAnthony

“Being confident is not cocky,” says Afro-Pop star Lyle Anthony as he joined our interview shirtless, flipping his curls. Lyle definitely was naked but not afraid to speak about his new album, “The Love Project”. Gaye Magazine's Latesa Lins exclusively caught up with Lyle to learn more about his budding career.

Latesa Lins (LL): First of all, I love your hat, it’s so stylish!

Lyle Anthony: Thank you, I really appreciate it, it’s actually a South African brand. I love to support my people.

The birth of Lyle's debut album took place in Los Angeles, Lyle's new home. Miles away from his birth home, South Africa, which he reassures is still in his every day life, Lyle shared his journey from being with family and his nephew Noah in a third world country to receiving a talent visa to live out his dreams of making magic in LA.

With a message of love, unity and joy, Lyle's Love Project has already touched many hearts. The 5 track album was released on Thursday November 17th of this year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Anthony saw a need for a fun loving, happy song during a time that left so many saddened and lost.

“I felt that so many people, my people, needed a reason to smile, laugh, dance and love again” .

Get a taste of Lyle Anthony's vibe with his hit song, "Love Wins" below:

Latesa Lins (LL): Now, I want to dive right into the album release party on November 17th, how was it?

Lyle Anthony: It was honestly everything I could’ve asked for and imagined. So many people came out and the show was a great success, people were howling and screaming and it was magical. So when you download the album, make sure everyone downloads it.

LL: Of course, speaking of the album, what was the process on getting everything together?

Lyle: So initially I wrote, “My Favorite” which was a totally different song, totally different producer. Then I hooked up with the We Dope Production team and created the next track which is, “Love Wins” and all of that stuff . I co-produced and all. They came up with such a masterpiece, like this is the sound, this is what I have envisioned for my album. Ya know pop is something I love, but I’m also a South African and I love to bring Afro aspects into my style. I was just like we have to keep going, and then I lost my brother in February of this year. So I wrote, “I deserve”, “World Glide”, “ Bless Up” and it was just a healing process to me being able to write my feelings.

"The Love Project" debut symbolized the 9th month of the day the pop Afro star lost his older brother Lee. Unfortunately, he was tragically murdered in his home town of Johannesburg.

The number 9 represents completion, perfection and the end of a cycle, which Lyle explains is the end of the mourning and the beginning of celebrating his brother and his life through Love, Forgiveness and starting over in this new normal.

Lyle: It says freedom is coming tomorrow, is like the tagline of it. When we’re able to know that we deserve better, deserve love, you deserve happiness. If you are kings and queens and all of this, then we can tap into that…we are able to really flourish so, “I Deserve” is definitely a song about healing, wholeness, and choosing to be there for yourself.

LL: You also chose to be an advocate for people who aren’t confident in themselves just yet, what’s your secret to confidence?

Lyle: It’s the spirituality...and faith. I grew up in the church. I was also hurt by the church, but I had to realize that at the end of the day, I am who I am and the greatest love of all, again that’s my song, [which] I performed at an opening. It really resonated with me, like my process through self-love and healing. I realized they made us believe as the LGBTQ community that God doesn’t love us and care for us because we’re different. It’s a lot of me digging deep within myself to discover that no - I’m a king! I’m more than what people say I am, and like I said, I’m here to be a voice for people and advocate for people who still have yet to find that in our community. I’m here, I’m going to do it as much as possible.

LL: You actually started out on the talent show, "Popstars" in South Africa. How did it help start your career?