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Atlanta City Council Proclaims March 10th as 'RuPaul Day'

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Atlanta city council proclaims rupaul day on march 10
RuPaul Honored in Atlanta 'RuPaul Day' | Photo Credit: @kevloweryphoto

The city of Atlanta officially declared March 10th as RuPaul Day last night at the Tabernacle. The proclamation was made by the Atlanta City Council, honoring the legendary drag queen and global icon, RuPaul Andre Charles, for his outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry and LGBTQ+ community.

The celebration coincided with RuPaul's visit to the city to promote his memoir, "The House of Hidden Meanings," a riveting exploration of his life, career, and the profound messages hidden beneath the glamorous façade.

rupaul obtains proclomation for rupaul day in atlanta
RuPaul obtains proclamation for RuPaul Day in Atlanta | @kevloweryphoto

The event was nothing short of spectacular, featuring a special guest appearance and an inspiring speech by renowned media personality TS Madison.

As an Atlanta Public Schools graduate, RuPaul moved to Atlanta in 1976 with his sister and brother-in-law and later became a local superstar with his drag shows and performances.

RuPaul thanked the Atlanta City Council in an Instagram Post, sharing "Yesterday my House of Hidden Meanings Book Tour stopped in Atlanta, and every time I step into this city, I am flooded with emotion and nostalgia."

He continued, "My time here was a period of self discovery - formative and transformational. In Atlanta, with the group of oddballs I’d met, was the certainty that I’d be understood — perhaps not fully, but enough to feel a sense of community. Thank you to the city of Atlanta for naming March 10 RuPaul Day. I’m gooped and gagged by this honor, and I know that boy in drag on Peachtree Street would feel the same way."

Watch Below:

RuPaul Day in Atlanta is more than just a date on the calendar; it signifies a commitment to recognizing and celebrating the diversity that makes the city vibrant and inclusive. Congratulations Mama Ru.


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