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Black, Gay Film "Your Love is King" Featured in Outfest Fusion's One-Minute Movie Category

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your love is king film
"Your Love is King" Film

The 2023 Outfest QTBIPOC Fusion Film Festival called on seasoned and first-time filmmakers of color to pick up their cameras or their phones and tell their story of queer joy in 60 seconds or less. This year's theme was "Envisioning Abundance" and it certainly did not disappoint.

Black, gay filmmaker and director Nasir Kenneth Ferebee's film "Your Love Is King" became an official featured selection in Outfest Fusion's one-minute movie category this year. Starring actors Nigel Cox and Jermell Deshaun, the film beautifully showcases a Black gay couple who is recovering after their first major disagreement.

"Your Love Is King" Film
"Your Love Is King" Film

Despite not winning the contest, the LA-based director is honored to have been selected and featured this year for Outfest Fusion. Ferebee exclusively tells Gaye Magazine why this particular dynamic between a Black gay couple was important for him to share on film:

"In Your Love Is King, it was important to showcase a story of Black gay love and a different form of intimacy. Themes like tenderness, joy, love, and intimacy are often not affiliated with our stories because we're still working to be seen as multidimensional human beings with full lives," began Ferebee.

"It was imperative that the audience felt a sense of warmth and heart in watching the film. At the end of the day, we in the LGBTQIA community simply want healthy love like everyone else and those are the stories that I want to tell."

Watch "Your Love Is King" Exclusively Below:


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