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Black LGBT-Owned Organization H.I.V, Launches "HE Games" to Build Atlanta's Black Queer Community

As we reach the tail end of the devastating experience that the global pandemic COVID-19 has left with us all, we find ourselves this month beginning to see some sense of normalcy.

With that, we recognize July as He Is Valuable Month to commemorate the birth of the He Is Valuable Movement which began on July 26, 2015. Almost to the exact date that Gaye Magazine was founded!

He Is Valuable (HIV) started as a hashtag and quickly sprouted into a social movement since its inception. He Is Valuable serves Atlanta's Black Queer community with the mission to identify, reinforce and celebrate the value of Black Queer men and their communities.

It is Gaye's pleasure to announce now, six years later, that He Is Valuable continues to build a legacy of empowerment for Black Queer folks. As a growing yet powerful movement, He Is Valuable, Inc continues to invest in the empowerment, excitement, and elevation of Black Queer Men.

HIV, Inc has a goal of raising $15,000 to support programs and services that provide much need support to Atlanta's Black Queer community!

If you wish to donate, please visit

This year's He Is Valuable month will close with a special themed, #RandomKickbacks, called HE Games. HE meaning Healing & Empowerment during the nature of all HIV, Inc programs and events that engage the Black Queer community in safe spaces to be, access Black Queer networks and support services.

The inaugural HE Games is He Is Valuable, Inc’s summertime #RandomKickBack aimed to engage and build community within the Black queer community in Metro Atlanta through fun and games. As this is a part of the official He Is Valuable Month, the event is also a means to raise support and funds for their current program and services.

The HE Games will consist of activities such as kickball, dodgeball, basketball, relay racing, and card game tournaments. The HE Games will take place on July 31, 2021, from 1p – 6p at Adair Park in Atlanta, Georgia. The cost of the event is $10.

Here is the link to attend the event: HE GAMES EventBrite & the Facebook Event page: He Is Valuable.

Social Media Handles: FB: He Is Valuable. IG: @heisvaluable Twitter: @heisvaluable.


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