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Black, Queer-Owned Skincare Brand Taylor of Brooklyn Lands Online Retail Deal with Urban Outfitters

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Boyfriend-approved, cruelty-free Black, Queer-owned skincare and beauty line.

“Products for them, her, him, and you—” the slogan behind Taylor of Brooklyn, a promising Black and Queer-owned, natural skincare brand. With the end-user in mind, this Brooklyn-based company defines “beauty beyond the binary”.

With their distinctive green packaging paired with Black and brown bodies and couples pictured on the packaging, the “Taylor of Brooklyn green” echoes as a parallel to the green in the Progressive Pride and Pan African Flag. Beautifully, this reflects the creator of the brand, Chris Hemingway.

ceo and founder of tatylor of brooklyn gender inclusive skincare
CEO & Founder of Taylor of Brooklyn Skincare Chris Hemingway

Taylor of Brooklyn” is a distinctive name. The Chicago native’s love for the historic neighborhood inspired the name.

“This city, this community simply has an essence to it— it has something unexplainable you can’t escape. I knew I wanted to pay homage to Brooklyn [with the brand],” shared Hemingway to Gaye Magazine.

Hemingway worked with Diego, a Queer Hispanic artist out of Seattle, for the Taylor of Brooklyn brand logo. Hemingway, a graphic designer, crafted the specific green color used and the overall brand aesthetic.

“I discovered Diego on Instagram and knew I wanted to work with him on this project,” Hemingway said.

“Boyfriend tested and approved” the brand reflects a common thread of joy, humor, and self-love through its products that any queer intersection can appreciate.

“The brand uses raw materials, like rosehip oil, which has always been used in communities of color. Understanding and respecting history, while taking these raw and organic ingredients and creating various products is a joy.”

taylor of brooklyn gender inclusive skincare

The brand is steadily growing and Urban Outfitters is helping in a big way. Taylor of Brooklyn is now listed in their ‘Beauty for All’ category and Mens Beauty.

Hemingway shares exclusively with Gaye Magazine, “We got an email and honestly— I still can’t believe a buyer reached out from the company. Even to this day, it feels surreal that it’s all happening.”

“Urban Outfitters is a company Taylor of Brooklyn is excited to grow with. They are interested in expanding their beauty line to be gender inclusive,” Hemingway said.

Taylor of Brooklyn proudly only uses glass bottles and containers. The single-use packaged, clear glass bottled products are chic and reusable. Ranging from $31-50, this growing gender-neutral beauty line has something for many skin care needs.

“Recyclability, sustainability, and prioritizing a life on-the-go is our objective."

Taylor of Brooklyn is cruelty-free and paraben-free. The brand uses cold-pressed oil in all their oil-based products and pumps instead of droppers for convenience. Hemingway tells us, “The end-user historically and for many popular, major brands is a white audience but Taylor of Brooklyn prioritizes communities of colors in each aspect—from product, packaging, and education of skin care.”

The brand intentionally uses its social media platforms, official website, and their products’ packaging to provide guidance for users to properly understand how to use them and what products are best for their specific needs.

Taylor of Brooklyn currently does not have any products with any active ingredients or SPF; however, they do have products to target specific issues or areas of skincare.

“Many people think they have bad skin or something is wrong with their skin. Nothing is wrong with your skin— you simply have to find the right products and routine you and your skin,” Hemingway smiled.

Products like “Soft Butch” and “Thirst Trap” can troubleshoot dark spots and wrinkles. Above each product, descriptions of ingredients are provided.

“Similar to the Telfair brand and appeal line, I believe in the creator. Its intention— that’s what I want connect with and to, something bigger than me. That’s what I want others to see with my brand” Hemingway expressed.

All Taylor of Brooklyn products are fragrance-free to prioritize sensitive skin.

“Although no fragrance is used, the products have an herbal and grassy scent that fades as you wear the product. The oil-based products are not greasy either and have a light and uplifting feel,” Hemingway shared.

He continued, “I love skincare and I’m not ashamed of it. It’s a relationship with self—falling in or back in love with yourself and nourishing that relationship.”

“We are a mid-level skincare line at the moment. We currently aren’t a clinical skincare line and focus on the face outside of our body oil. What is to come from Taylor of Brooklyn are our products for the neck down and the entire body” the creator shared.

The Black-owned brand is moving to focus on products for below the neck and to better connect with its community of supporters.

“Rethink wellness and body-centric,” Hemingway smiled.

Taylor of Brooklyn is fun at any stage of your self-care journey. Find your community and connect with self with this queer brand.

Try out their products now at or on Urban Outfitters' website. Follow and keep up with Taylor of Brooklyn on Instagram!


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