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Black Trans Teen, Kristian Rouse, Brutally Beat in Southern California, Suspects Currently Unknown

Los Angeles Blade and Rouse Famliy

Kristian Rouse, an 18 year old Black Transgender teenager, was found unconscious by his mother and ex-girlfriend. Rouse has no memory of the attack that left him in intensive care, for almost a month.

On May 13, Kristian's mother, Euryduce Darrington and her son’s ex-girlfriend went to The Springs Apartments in Southwest Bakersfield where he was living.

Darrington says her son usually called her everyday to tell her he was safe. When she didn’t hear from him she became concerned, so she and his ex-girlfriend headed to his apartment in Southwest Bakersfield, California to check on him.

“We kept banging on the door,” said Darrington to NBC17 News. “She [his ex-girlfriend] jumped over the gate for the balcony and could see him there. My child was laying on the floor. He could barely speak, barely breathe.”

She continued, “He had marks around his neck, his face was swollen, he had bruises on his torso and his back and his shirt was off He’s transgender and that is not a nice thing to do.”

Kristian Rouse was on a ventilator for four weeks.

Darrington told investigators that she had one of the apartment complex’s maintenance employees to open the unit’s front door. Rouse was rushed to the hospital and placed on a ventilator for four weeks.

He’s now in a long-term acute care hospital in Covina, where he’s working on regaining full movement of his leg and arm. Rouse is also unable to speak, due to scar tissue in his throat, from being intubated.

Rouse also can not remember any details of the vicious attack. Bakersfield Police are investigating this case, locating new details. His family desperately need financial assistance to cover their medical expenses and has set up a fundraiser for his recovery.

Anyone with information on the attack is asked to call police at (661) 327-711.


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