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Blueface Asks Men to Stop Sending Him Nudes on Twitter, "That's Sexual Harassment"

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Rapper Blueface has officially turned off his DM requests on Twitter after he claims he has been receiving too many nude photos from men.

The LA-bred rapper noted on Twitter, “Ever since I tweeted my hands bisexual its been a lot of LGBTQ sh** going on in my DM that’s not what I meant cuz.”

He then shared a recent story of him clicking on a photo request in his Twitter DM and seeing a man “spreading” himself open.

“Please stop sending me gay sh** I respect the LGBTQ community y’all went from a minority to majority thats a hell of a accomplishment you welcome to love who ever you want but don’t bring dat over here please respectfully.”

"I go to click on a picture in my dm an you know how on Twitter it don’t show you the picture till you click on it…it’s a whole nigga on there spreading his ass open cuz like wtf is this that’s sexual harassment I ain’t sign up for this you can’t even dm me on here no more."

As we previously reported, Blueface and his girlfriend Chrisean attended Black Gay Pride in Atlanta last year and performed.


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