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Bounce Music Legend Sissy Nobby to Release New Music Video, Launches GoFundMe

New Orleans Bounce music pioneer and legend Sissy Nobby, known for his hit underground dance songs, "Consequences", "Beat It Out the Frame" and "Gitty Up" is planning to drop a new music video of an unreleased song for his longtime friends.

However, in a recent Instagram live (Feb. 23), Sissy Nobby reveals transparently to his fans that he is in a "depressing mood" due to the challenge of finding funds to produce his latest music video amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Ya'll always asking about music, this is why I don't like doing music because it puts me in a depressing mood these days...It makes no sense to do this if I can't get the thing right. I'm a perfectionist."

He further shares that he launched a GoFundMe page to accept donations. According to the GoFundMe, donations for the music video will be used to pay for dancers, wardrobe, a video director and location spots.

Due to the Covid pandemic many of Sissy Nobby's concerts were cancelled, causing him to reach out to his "adoring loving fans, followers and volunteers for funding to continue giving those that love bounce music something to dance to [during] these pandemic times!"

"I wouldn't mind putting together money but the money I have coming in that's for bills and rent and stuff. I gotta make sure i have a roof over my head and stuff like that...I need about six to seven- eight dancers. I need [money for a] location that's gone fit the criteria of this video. I need cameos, cuz I'm gonna get some cameo people, they gone charge me..."

Sissy Nobby is seeking to raise $3,500 to produce the video. Gayes, let's help our fellow music legend out and donate, it'll certainly help lift his spirit. Donate Here!

Watch a Snippet of Sissy Nobby's IG Live Broadcast below:


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