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Boy Bye!! Owner of the Largest Conversion Therapy Programs in the U.S Comes Out as Gay

Get into this Gayes, the founder of a popular gay conversion therapy program has come out as gay. Yes, you read that right, GAY. Not only has McKrae Game come out, he has also apologized for his actions.

In 1999, Game founded the faith-based program, Hope for Wholeness. Members of this program were told that their sexuality would be changed with the help of counseling and other interventions. A UCLA study showed that this program was so popular that an estimated 700,000 people had participated. It must be noted that conversion therapy is refuted by every reputable scientific agency and is now banned in 18 states and several cities around the US.

It is apparent that the founding of the program stems from Game's childhood trauma.  He admits that as a child, he secretly wore his sister’s clothing and displayed “feminine qualities” which caused bullying from his peers. He mentions that the realization of being attracted to boys at the age of 11 scared him, which in turn, made him suppress his feelings.

At the age of 18, he came out to a small group of people, however, he started to feel guilty and searched for ways to "change" himself. He spoke with a counselor who promised to help him get to the root of why he was gay. Game was told that counseling would help him understand the root of his homosexuality and his sexual urges would lessen over time. Yet, he still had the same desires and nothing changed.

Now at the age of 51, he is finally living his truth openly and is very apologetic for the harm he has caused to the LGBT community. McKrae spoke with The Post and Courier and stated, “Conversion therapy is not just a lie, but it’s very harmful."

Game took to his Instagram and posted memories from his former ministry starting the caption with:“20yrs in exgay ministry. I WAS WRONG! Please forgive me! ❤️”

Though he admits to good memories, he also admits regret to those he has hurt and/or offended. Game appears to be sincere, but the question is, will he be forgiven? How forgiving are you? Gayes, let us know your thoughts on this situation.

Watch the Interview Below:


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