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Comedian Luenell Says, "I Have A Problem with Black Men Doing Drag"

Comedy Hype Interview Screenshot

Comedian and actress Luenell is known for her blunt and hilariously outlandish stand-up material. So much so that she has often been called out for some of her comedic remarks. She recently sat with Comedy Hype and shared her thoughts regarding black men doing drag on film.

After discussing her working relationship with Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes in her new movie Dolemite, she referenced how she never thought she would be working alongside the greats.

"You don't think when you're sitting on the bed watching Tu Wong 25 years ago that you're ever gonna be in a movie with Wesley Snipes," she said.

The interviewer then asked her about her opinion of Black men doing drag in relation to Wesley Snipes' past roles. "Speaking of that, do you have a problem with men doing the drag thing."

"I do," Luenell began. "I don't have a problem with men doing drag, I have a problem with Black men doing drag."

She then continues to say that "sometimes it's funny" and that she enjoys the movies of Tyler Perry and Martin Lawrence, but she then claims that once she became more woke her mindset changed.

"When I got a little bit more woke, I realized the genocide of the masculinity of the black man which has been the biggest threat to the white man throughout history, I decided to put it all together."

She concludes her thoughts mentioning that Dave Chapelle helped her realize that "this was some bullshit, like let's not do this too much no more."

Her thoughts definitely stirred a huge debate in the comments section, and the question for us as a society is if there is some type of conspiracy to emasculate the black man in media in order to further white supremacy. #Gayes, what are your thoughts?

Watch the full interview clip below: (Via Comedy Hype)


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