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Director Des Gray Shares Behind the Scenes Details of Muni Long’s Music Video “Made For Me”

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Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Muni Long broke the internet in 2021 with her single “Hrs & Hrs”, so it’s no surprise that fans responded immediately to her newest project "Made For Me".

Muni Long, (pronounced "money long") whose real name is Priscilla Renea, has previously penned songs for Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, and others. When the singer/songwriter’s song "Hrs & Hrs” went viral, TikTokers started to use it in videos in which they showed affection and intimate moments with a significant other. Shortly after, the song hit the Top 10 on Apple Music.

Now, one of the hottest current trends on TikTok happens to be to her latest song “Made For Me”. Muni Long even recently responded to a viral video with a young lady singing her song in TJ Maxx. The TikTok video has since gained over 3 million likes combined.

Director and producer Josiane “Des Gray” Desir, a good friend and partner of the Gaye Magazine team, was the director of the "Made For Me" music video, alongside Trinidad James.

Des Gray, who identifies as pansexual, has worked on projects with the likes of Moneybagg Yo, Chris Brown, Future, Davido, Young Thug and Lil Baby. In 2018, Gray made her directorial debut with Lil Donald’s “Do Better” music video which gained over 70 million views.

Gray caught up with us to exclusively share the inside details of what the production for the video was like.

"I am so happy to do another one! (DJ Khaled reference) The experience of making the video was amazing. Just having the opportunity to create with Muni Long and Trinidad James...and create something in the black tech world... I am so happy and excited for this music video."

“For the creative process of ‘Made For Me’ the idea concept was that we wanted to create something different from your typical R&B music video. As a director, I wanted to showcase how a black woman in tech was able to create a robot using what she has no matter what community background she comes from."

Gray continued, "I wanted the video to be out of the box. I wanted to show her emotions, and how she shifted from having a love connection with another black engineer to being heartbroken from the lies he had told her in the relationship."

She expressed that she wanted to showcase the fact that through the disappointment Long received from her partner (in the video), she was compelled to kidnap and build a robot clone of him to make him specifically for her - Muni Long’s character.

“Made For Me” debuted at #27 on the airplay chart when it dropped and continues to climb the charts.

Watch the Video Below:


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