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Director Patrik-Ian Polk Confirms "Noah's Arc" Series Will Return in 2023 at the "I AM" Awards

TV & Film | Exclusive (Photos)

noah's arc cast at 2023 I AM Awards in D.C
Courtesy of SpeakOut/Asuquo Travels

Renowned TV & film director Patrik-Ian Polk has officially confirmed that his hit television series “Noah’s Arc” will be returning this year!

Polk shared the news while accepting his Lifetime Achievement Award at SpeakOut's second annual “I AM” Awards in D.C. last night.

“I am very happy to confirm that there is indeed more Noah’s Arc coming,” said Polk during his acceptance speech.

Watch Below: (Courtesy of Lonnell Williams @3lwtv)

Courtesy of SpeakOut/Asuquo Travels

Gaye Magazine exclusively reported that the lead cast members would reunite and be honored at the 2023 "I AM" Awards for Polk to receive his award.

Darryl Stephens (Noah), Jensen Atwood (Wade), Christian Vincent (Ricky), and Rodney Chester (Alex) were all in attendance. Actor Doug Spearman who plays Chance in the show made a heartfelt video in his absence to thank Polk for the legacy he's built om the industry and Polk's contribution to his own career.

Watch Doug Spearman's Video Below:

The "I AM" Awards black-tie gala was hosted by actor Nicco Annan (P-Valley) and international Ballroom icon Jack Mizrahi in Washington D.C. on Saturday (April 23), at the Grand Hyatt.

SpeakOut produced the black-tie fundraising gala and awards program to celebrate the accomplishments of Black LGBTQ people who have significantly contributed to enhancing the quality of life of the minority LGBTQ community and who have demonstrated a commitment to social change.

Founded by Antonio Driver, Speak Out is a nonprofit community engagement organization representing more than 6,000 same-gender-loving (SGL) men and women of color. Since 2017, Speak Out has served as a safe space for creating meaningful connections across the LGBTQ+ community.

Watch Patrik-Ian Polk's Award Opening Video:

Courtesy of SpeakOut/Edited by Lindsey Seïde

Nicco Annan & Jack Mizrahi at I AM Awards 2023
Nicco Annan & Jack Mizrahi | Courtesy of Caver Imaging

Courtesy of Caver Imaging
Courtesy of Caver Imaging
Courtesy of Caver Imaging
Courtesy of Caver Imaging

Courtesy of Caver Imaging

Courtesy of Caver Imaging


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