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Drake and Big Freedia Being Sued by New Orleans Musician

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Now we all know that the summer of 2019 has been coined a “Hot Girl Summer”, but let's not forget about the summer of 2018 when Drake dropped his highly anticipated album, Scorpion. This album was full of great music but one song in particular set the summer on fire. The chart topping single, “In My Feelings”, had “Kiki’s” all over the world thinking Drake was singing to them. But, even though it’s one of his biggest songs to date, the legacy of it may be going up in flames.

Get into this #Gayes, according to TMZ, Drake and Big Freedia are in some hot water due to copyright claims from New Orleans musician, Samuel Nicholas III. Nicholas, who goes by Sam Skully, is accusing the two of stealing his beat for their smash hit "In My Feelings." He also claims Drake stole the beat for another one of his hits featuring Big Freedia, "Nice for What".

Documents show that Skully claims to have published the beat on a CD he released back in 2000. He says the pair sampled his song “Roll Call” without permission and without paying for it. Skully wasn’t aware that his music had been stolen until the songs were released and started topping the charts.

Just imagine being partially responsible for a song that had people worldwide posting dance challenges, memes, and trying to figure out who Kiki is and what’s so special about her. Now, imagine being partially responsible for this huge success and not being listed in the credits and nobody knowing anything about you or even caring. Talk about somebody being in their feelings….no pun intended.

Understandably, Skully is suing for damages because credit is important to him and even though he is not a “household name”, he feels he should still be compensated and recognized for his work. Right?

#Gayes, do you think they stole his song or do you think he is looking for a big payday? Listen for yourself! So far, there has been no comment from Drake or Big Freedia.


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