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Exclusive: GotDamnZo Gets in Dispute After Reposting Video of Woman Pretending to be Trans (AUDIO)

In a since deleted post, gay, independent content creator and comedian Zoie Fenty, better known as GotDamnZo on YouTube, is being brought into the spotlight after reposting a controversial video on his Instagram page. Zoie took to Instagram to repost the prank video captioned, “DELETING!!! But baby this prank had me WEAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!”

The video shows a woman driving as she claims that she is in the process of getting a gender change, much to the surprise of the young man sitting in the passenger seat. He proceeds to angrily ask, “You got a d***?, and demands that she “pull it out right now.”

The woman pulls out what appears to be a dildo but the man is simply not having it nor does he catch on. He insists that he be let out the car in which he storms off in a rage. The woman chases after him pleading for him to get back in the car but at no point in the video provided does she mention that it is a prank.

Zoie, who found the video to be hilarious got caught in hot water after several people felt it was inappropriate of him to be reposting the video and act so insensitive towards the trans community. In fact trans YouTuber Kayden Coleman who goes by the Instagram handle name "@kaydenxofficial" had a lot to say in the comments.

Kayden writes, "Yea - we get it - it's a joke but it's also a lot of people's truth and mad transwomen are dead because of narratives like this." He continues on saying he's lost several friends to instances similar to the one depicted in the video. Another seemingly upset commenter replies to Kayden writing, "thank you for being the sole intelligent adult voice in a flock of ignorant children."

Although, it seems Zoie was not here for the clap-backs he responds, "sweetie it's not ignorant it's called TELL THE TRUTH from the beginning before it gets SEXUALLY SERIOUS. It's called RESPECT!" Zoie expressed his "love" for trans women but feels it's not right to be transgender and keep that information hidden from any of your sexual partners, concluding with, "Sorry just my opinion."

In an exclusive update, Zoie wasn't done just yet and decided to reach out to Kayden via DM on Instagram to continue the debate in a series of voice notes. Within the voice notes Zoie says, “Yes they (transgender women) are becoming a women and yes they are a woman now but at the end of the day friend, you are still biologically born a man.”

Zoie continues on saying, “It is boundaries. Just because we want to be accepted we can’t make people accept us just because that's who we feel we are. It is not right.” He feels that if a transgender person enters a relationship with someone and it becomes a sexual relationship, it is the responsibility of that transgender person to disclose who they are and give the other person the opportunity to decide if they choose to continue; similar to those who have been diagnosed with AIDS.

Take a listen to the exclusive audio below:

Yikes! #Gayes, this is certainly a controversial issue but we write all this to ask, what do you think? Who here are we agreeing or disagreeing with? By the looks of it, the #tea is being served hot tonight!


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